Tis the season of reflection

2014 has been a year of contrasts of human triumph and human tragedy. In Australia the last few weeks have seen incomprehensible sadness at the senseless Sydney Siege and loss of two very courageous people – Tori and Katrina, In Cairns eight innocent children lost their lives at the hands of a mother and aunt, in Pakistan 140 innocent school children lost their lives to extremism. Last year a beautiful boy Jordan Filioa passed away the day before his 18th birthday- his life is being honored through his mum and his friends supporting the wonderful Bill Crews Exodus Foundation. This year Tom Ricketson passed away in a nightclub fire in Cambodia – his memory lives through his mum and sisters efforts to build housing for poor families in Cambodia through Tabitha foundation http://www.tabitha.org.au/cms/in-memory-of-tom

Phil Hughes passing rocked the world – another young life gone, he will not be forgotten. The list of senseless loss of kind and caring human beings goes on, foundations are being established in honor of these angels determined that their loss will not be in vain.

The end of the year is a time for reflection, to breath and get back to what is important to us as human beings – love, friendship, family. I know for me I am thinking of all those that have no-one, those that have lost a loved one and the ripple effect of this on entire communities. I am proud to be an Australian, our outpouring of love and care has moved and reassured me we are a nation that pulls together when the going gets tough, we will not be broken. I just wish this outpouring of empathy was more constant, re-creating a sense of community well being where people are more connected.

I’m a firm believer in people’s desire to help and to contribute something, my life purpose is to bring people, government, corporates, academia and NGOs together to collaborate to solve wicked problems I had the privilege this year to speak about this at TEDXUltimo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbjzXNXM6Q8

So as we close the chapter on 2014 I wish you and yours a safe and joyful festive season.

In memory of Jordan Filoia, Tom Ricketson,  Phil Hughes, Tori and Katrina, Joe Cocker, Robin Williams…. the world is indeed a lesser place but your memory lives on and on.